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HICCUPS and HOOKUPS is a Indian web series  which starres Lara Dutta, Pratiek Babbar and Shinnova .

It’s trailer has been released  on  15 November,2021 and its premier on 26November .

Lara Dutta is playing the role of  a 40 year old single mother ,Vasudha who tries to get back into the world of dating after her husband cheated on him. Pratiek is playing the role of her brother and Shinnova is playing the role of her teenage daughter ,she too have a complex dating life.

Hiccups and Hookups shows frank discussions about sexual encounter in mordern family. It will show the light and refresing rbond between brother and sister.

The trailer of  the web opens with unfiltered conversation between brother and  sister  and how Pratiek [who is  playing the role of brother] decides to update her profile on dating app in order to help her out in finding the relationship.

 The Kunal Kohli directorial will deal with their interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics and promises to be unfiltered and no-holds-barred drama.

As per the makers, Hiccups and Hookups will tell the tale of a family of three and their friends who are modern and don’t believe in muzzling their conversations.

Actor tries too hard but despite of that they fail in creating humor in the trailer and hence the trailer a little bit not fits to that column of expectetions from genre.


Premier on:- 26 November

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