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 MONEY HEIST Series on Netflix

Money Heist is a Spanish Heist Crime Drama television series by Alexa Pina, which named La casa de papel ,meaning, House of Paper. The series released on Netflix. It is one of the most watched series on Netflix in the streamer’s history.


Story of Money Heist 

Money Heist is a criminal mastermind series who goes by ”The Professor” who has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in world history, which was to print billons of Euros in the Royal Mint Spain. In order to carry out this ambitious plan , he recruits eight people with different abilities and who have nothing to lose. 

Those group of theives take hostages to help in their negoitions with the authorities, who strategize to come up with a way to capture The Professor. As story goes on, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the place. 

There are five parts of Money Heist.


Review of Money Heist season 5 

In Money Heist season 5 there are only 5 volume. The story of Money Heist season 5 starts from where its last part ends. In last part Alishia had caught the professor, and its part 5 starts from that point. Alisha has clear intentions to caught Professor, but will she be successful,as we know from earlier parts that how ambitious and slay he is. In this part there is no theft ,only action. 

Professor had caught,there is no connection with him .Besides that hostages are moving out and they also get real guns.Tamayo is also taking advantage of this situation by sending armies inside.


Money Heist season 5 Trailer

In this season there are also many twist and turns which will cheer up the audience’s excitment level for its all volumes. Every episode in this volume is upto 45-50 minutes and a single part will not let you bore. There are also many characters introduced in its first volume. There is also  shown back stories while action, which is very nice thing. 


Dubbing of this new season of Money Heist in hindi is also nice. Story of this season will carry forward from the last blockbuster scene of its last season and now it will be interesting for viewers to watch how Professor escape from the hands of Alishia and what would be his next mastermind plan.

After the heartbreaking death of Tokyo, the gang got back to their business of getting gold out of Bank of Spain,now it has became their tribute to Tokyo and Nairobi. 


Money Heist Netflix CAST

Alvaro Morte as The Professor

Ursula Corbero as Tokyo

Pedro Alonso as Berlin

Miguel Herran as Rio

Jaime Lorente as Denver

 Alba as Nairobi

Darko as Helsinki

        …….many more

About Series

Money Heist Netflix

Spanish – La casa de papel 

Genre- Crime drama; Heist; Thriller

Created by – Alexa Pina

Opening Theme- ”My life is going on” by Cecilia Krull

Total Season- 5

Total Episodes-

Orginal release- 2May 2017- 3December,2021

Diatribution – Netflix ; Antena 3 Television

There are total 10 episodes in Money Heist season 5 .


Creators of series are giving various twist and turns in this season , as it is now going to wind up all and when viewers almost lost hope for gang’s survival then creators give ample unexpected twists. Hence, it will be going a must watched series for all. 

At last,the final season of Money Heist is completely a emotional rollercoaster as you will experience a plethora of emotions from sad to happy, as the show cames to end. After finishing all the series many will definetly cheer up for the Money Heist Professor’s genius mind and showrunner Alex Pina for introducing us to it. 

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